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CT public school data

ConnCAN recently compiled the most up to date statewide education data on these topics:

  • enrollment
  • demographics
  • student performance
  • suspension incidence
  • chronic absenteeism
  • teacher demographics
  • high school graduation rates
  • college and career pipeline
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Equitable Solutions for Connecticut School Reopening

As Connecticut families and educators prepare for the fall, the State Department of Education has released its reopening plan. This plan supports districts to create and plan for numerous reopening situations, depending on the scientific data and prevalence of COVID in the area.

At ConnCAN, we are hyper focused on creating equitable solutions for Connecticut students, especially when their health and safety are at risk. Given the urgency of school reopening, ConnCAN has developed actionable solutions for policymakers that prioritize student and educator health, long-term sustainability, and academic progress. 

You can review local efforts here, Comprehensive List of District Reopening Plans.