On Tuesday, April 6, 2022, ConnCAN Policy & Research Director Hamish MacPhail delivered testimony to the State Board of Education.

(Begins just before 2:00 minute mark)

Testimony of ConnCAN

State Board of Education

April 6, 2022

Testimony on Enhanced Educator Certification Reciprocity Policy

To the members of the Connecticut State Board of Education, and education officials from the Connecticut Department of Education – My name is Hamish MacPhail, Director of Policy and Research for ConnCAN.

Over the last six years, ConnCAN, through the leadership of our Executive Director, Subira Gordon, has prioritized diversifying the educator workforce. It is a problem that is simple in its premise, but complex in its implementation. As an organizational member of the Minority Teacher Recruitment Taskforce (hopefully soon-to-be reframed as the Taskforce to Diversify the Educator Workforce) we’ve worked to set targets, introduce incentive programs, and simplify the certification process for prospective teachers. This work is essential but cannot make sufficient progress without the leadership of the Connecticut State Department of Education. Their commitment to this work has made the road much smoother, and has created opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

The proposed Enhanced Educator Certification Reciprocity Policy is an example of the Department’s commitment to improvement, innovation and cooperation. It is a key policy change that strengthens Connecticut’s out-of-state educator pipeline. With the change, prospective certified educators will be able to move here, immediately apply for jobs, and start teaching on day one. This is a marked shift from the cumbersome, delayed process that plagued districts and interested educators for years. Now, districts can recruit talent directly from postsecondary institutions from Virginia to Maine (and Puerto Rico), and highlight the numerous benefits of moving to Connecticut.

ConnCAN thanks the Talent Office at the State Department of Education for its thoughtful work on this initiative, and looks forward to supporting the goal of aligning our educator workforce with our student population. The research is clear on the positive impacts for our young people, and with this step, Connecticut will be in a stronger position to improve its in-state recruitment practices, too.

Thank you for all you do.


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