We aim to set the bar high on openness and transparency in our advocacy work, with thorough documentation of where our revenue and support comes from. We are also proud to share our Annual Reports and 990s below.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports provide a snapshot of our advocacy work, year after year.

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ConnCAN’s 990 Forms

Our 990 forms are an annual filing to the IRS with revenue and expenditures.

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Since the Start: 10 or more years of contributions

Emily Eisenlohr
H.A. Vance Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Irwin III
JJJ Charitable Foundation
Lone Pine Foundation Inc.
The Darrell Harvey Family Foundation
The Furek Family Foundation
The Myerson Wagner Family Charitable Fund
The Olson Foundation
The Stewart & Constance Greenfield Foundation
Jonathan Sackler and Mary Corson
Shelly and Michael Kassen Philanthropic Fund

Committed Champions: 5 or more years of contributions

Steven Adamowksi
Jennifer Alexander
Andrew Ashforth
Kenneth Bartels and Jane Condon – In honor of Jon Sackler
Carl Marks Fund
Allen S. Church
Crumbine Family Fund
Robin Golden and David Berg
Melinda Hamilton
Will and Judy Heins
Alex Johnston
Shirley Kenney – In honor of Bill and Kelly Kenney
Katherine and Stephen Larson
Erika Long
Holly and Ken Paul
Bruce and Diane Ritter
Laura and Ken Saverin
Sally and Everett Schenk
Andrew and Erica Schwedel
Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation
The Grossman Family Foundation
The Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, Inc.
The Simmons Family Foundation Inc.
The Witmer Family Fund
Steven and Valerie Wayne
Lisa Whitfield
Laurie and Richard Williamson

Honored Advocates

AmazonSmile Foundation
Lucy and David Ball Family Fund
Sharon Brown
Brookside Equity Partners LLC
Derrick Diggs and Rashida La Lande
Alan English and Gretchen Unfried-English
Fairfield County’s Community Foundation
Andrew and Susanna Foote
Mary Foss-Skiftesvik
Carolyn Greenspan
James Hellman
Javeri Fund
Ronald and Caroline LaMorte
James Moher
Network For Good
Sydney Perry
Marc Porter Magee
Robert and Bonnie Kreitler Charitable Fund
Katie Rosa
Jonathan Smith
Alex Spurrier
Michael Sullivan
Liam Sweeney
The Per and Astrid Heidenreich Family Foundation
The Stanley Works Matching Gifts Program
The Starr Family Giving Fund
The Vince & Linda McMahon Family Foundation, Inc.
Walton Family Foundation
Antionette Williams