Every child, regardless of background or zip code, deserves access to a high-quality education. That’s why ConnCAN believes in each family’s right to choose the best public school for their child. Unfortunately, our state’s broken and outdated funding policies mean that thousands of families, especially in districts with chronically underperforming schools, are waiting for access to high-quality schools.

In early 2018, the Connecticut Supreme Court ruling in the historic CCJEF v. Rell case shifted the responsibility for fixing the problem to our elected officials. This session, we will continue the fight to fund all students fairly, based on their learning needs across all types of public schools–including public charter schools–so that all Connecticut students get the educational opportunities they need and deserve.

We’re proud to partner with the New England Charter School Network to stand in favor of school choice. This year, we’re also proud to support proposals for a  Norwalk Excellence Charter School and Danbury Prospect Charter School.