On March 27, 2018, The Middletown Press published an article by Jeff Mill regarding the East Hampton public schools budget and cited ConnCAN’s 2018 Field Guide to Education:

With the assistance of Rose’s wife, who is also an attorney, he prepared a presentation drawing on data from ConnCAN, an education advocacy group headquartered in New Haven.

Rose said teachers at the very top end of the scale were making salaries similar to their colleagues in Greenwich and Sherman.

Data on ConnCAN’s website shows teachers in East Hampton with a doctorate max out at $90,307, while the state average is $91,199.

While the town “is paying above the norm, we don’t have an abnormal ability to pay,” Rose said.

That is being borne out in a recently completed tax sale, which yielded $1.1 million. The people who can no longer afford to pay to keep their homes “are our neighbors, the people we see in church,” Rose said.

“The status quo is unsustainable.”

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