As Connecticut schools remain closed indefinitely and families adjust to the realities of distance learning, ConnCAN is compiling insights from across the state to confront these ongoing challenges.

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“It’s been easy so far, it was a little difficult at first but after a little while I got used to it.” –Hartford middle school student

“I’m a college professor and I have instructed over 100 students in a day. I didn’t think it would be this painful to teach my son (10) and daughter (6). If I didn’t have my sister-in-law’s help, I don’t think I could do it.” –David 38, Storrs

“My daughter told me I’m not cut out for this. She said her teachers are much better than me. She’s eight.” –Kayla 30, Hartford

“As college educated, tech-savvy people, my husband and I didn’t think helping our first grader with distance learning would be so hard. Fortunately, our son’s teacher and special education teacher have been terrific in helping us navigate this new challenge.” –Catherine 29, Rocky Hill


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