On August 24, 2016, Fox 61 cited ConnCAN in an article by Samantha Schoenfeld on a lawsuit filed against the State of Connecticut by parents alleging that the state’s restrictions on magnet schools, charter schools and school choice programs were unconstitutional:

According to ConnCAN, a state education advocacy organization seeking “access to high-quality schools for all children,” the parents have tried repeatedly to enroll their children in “quality” schools, but have been blocked by state laws. The lead plaintiff, Jessica Martinez, has a child enrolled at the John Winthrop School, where ConnCAN says only four out of every 10 students met or exceeded state achievement standards in English language arts, and only two out of every 10 students met or exceeded the standards for math.

“We stand with the plaintiffs in this case who — as other civil rights and social justice advocates before them — are seeking relief from the courts when other methods have failed them,” ConnCAN CEO Jennifer Alexander said. “This case is fundamentally about addressing our highly inequitable access to quality schools. Our current state laws knowingly force children to attend chronically failing schools and systematically deny them access to better-performing ones.”

ConnCAN elaborated that due to the moratorium on new magnet schools, there were about 15,000 students on wait lists in 2015 for Hartford magnet schools and suburban schools participating in Open Choice Enrollment.

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