On August 6, 2019, WTNH published an article by Scott McDonnell regarding recently released SAT scores from the State Department of Education

A link to the article with a video interview of ConnCAN Executive Director Subira Gordon can be found here.

(WTNH)–SAT scores for nearly 40,000 high school juniors across Connecticut are out, and they’re not good. And, there are even more alarming results besides the grades.

When it comes to closing the achievement gap, these grades are failing.

In English Language Arts, 62 percent of high school junior students are at/above grade level. In Math, 41 percent of high school junior students are at/above grade level.

Conncan is digging into the numbers. They are a Connecticut non-profit advocacy group working to improve education in Connecticut.

Results are even more dismal for Black and Latino students, scoring nearly 100 points lower compared to White students.

35 percent of Black students are at/above grade level in English Language Arts, and 14 percent of Black students are at/above grade-level in Math. The results are similar for Latino students.

Solutions? Make sure students are prepared early and able to read once they leave 3rd grade.

When it comes to turning things around, there is some hope. In some public schools of choice, students are doing well. If you can pull the positive out of those pockets of success, it may provide a good blueprint towards future progress in closing the achievement/opportunity gap.


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