New Haven, Conn.–On Wednesday, the State Board of Education voted to approve the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council’s (PEAC) recommendation to not link student growth on mastery exams to educator evaluations. PEAC, which represents superintendents, boards of education, principals, and teacher union, was created in 2010 to design and refine the Connecticut educator evaluation system.

In response, Jennifer Alexander, Chief Executive Officer of Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN), issued the following statement:

“We are extremely disappointed in the State Board of Education’s vote today. Today’s decision will now mark another year of incomplete educator evaluations.

All professionals deserve to be evaluated, held accountable and supported based on objective indicators of their performance. A modern evaluation system includes, among a balanced set of indicators, an objective measure of how well teachers are helping students progress towards college and career readiness standards. Such a system would ensure that our state can recognize teachers for a job well done and identify those who need extra support. The piecemeal approach taken by the State Board today will water down educator evaluation system in our state and takes us further from the goal of ensuring all our students are ready for success.

Let’s be clear, this was a political decision and when politics dominate education policy making, our kids do not come first. If we continue to fold in front of political pressure, we will never fully prepare students for a successful future.”


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