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Education Committee
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Children’s Committee
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Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee
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Appropriations Committee
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School Funding

HB5620 – Student-Centered Funding (Rep. McGee)
HB5798 – Student-Centered Funding (Reps. Currey and Rojas)
HB5779 – Special Education Funding (Reps. Parker and Welander)
HB5791 – Charter School Funding (Rep. Candelaria)
SB243 – Financial Relief to Alliance Districts for Special Education (Sen. Anwar)


HB5493 – Mental Health Awareness (Rep. Hall)
HB5499 – Social-Emotional Learning (Rep. Hall)
HB5510 – Inclusion of LGBTQ+ Studies (Reps. Klarides-Ditria and Currey)
HB5619 – Climate Change (Rep. Palm)
HB5763 – Financial Literacy Bill (Rep. Phipps)
HB5794 – Literacy (Rep. Miller)
SB441 – Learning Pods (Sen. Berthel)

Minority Teacher Recruitment and Retention

SB653 – Minority Teacher Recruitment and Retention

COVID Response

HB5764 – Remote Learning Days as Seat Time (Rep. Linehan)
HB5768 – Auditing Remote Learning for K-12 (Rep. Rojas)
HB5769 – Measuring Learning Loss (Rep. Rojas)
HB5783 – Quality of Distance Learning (Reps. Candelora, Devlin, O’Dea, Perillo, Rebimbas, Zupkus)
HB5435 – Summer Learning COVID-19 Recovering Initiative (Reps. Gilchrest & Winkler)

Racial Equity

HB5782 – Minority Suspension Study (Rep. Gibson)
HB 6515 – Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair (Rep. Porter et al)
SB 55 – Racism as a Public Health Crisis (Sen. Anwar)
SB 181 – Indigenous Peoples’ Day and Juneteenth Independence Day (Sen. Osten)
SB 438 – Prohibiting the Use of Native American Mascots (Sens. Osten & Kushner)

Social Equity

HB 5227 – Social Emotional Collaborative and School Climate Project (Rep. McCarty)
SB36 – School Lunch Debt (Children’s Committee)

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