Yesterday, Connecticut reached a pivotal moment for teacher diversity.

Together, right now, we can rewrite the laws around teacher certification to connect our public school students with more highly-qualified educators of color. Click here to send your elected officials a message: pass SB 455 before the legislative session ends!

Time is of the essence: the state House of Representatives will decide in the next few days if SB 455 moves to the governor’s desk or is stopped just short of victory

The bill, put forth by the Black and Puerto Rican Caucus, would remove arbitrary barriers for certification that disproportionately impact aspiring teachers who are dramatically underrepresented in our classrooms.

Click here to let your lawmakers know that SB 455 matters, for our teachers and our students!

Half of Connecticut’s students are children of color. Less than 10 percent of our teachers are. Yet we know that our diverse students do better in school when they’re taught by diverse adults.

Our lawmakers know this gap is a problem–and that outdated certification requirements create needless delays and red tape for candidates of color. As they make their final decisions about SB 455, your voice would amplify the call for change.

They’re listening.


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