At ConnCAN, we are working on public policies that ensure all children, regardless of their background, have access to a great education. Over the past year, we partnered with families, educators and community organizations across the state on our education equity listening tour. Our 2020 legislative goals reflect statewide desires for change.

Modernize Connecticut’s 2012 Achievement Gap Taskforce

  • Modernize Achievement Gap Taskforce established under Public Act 11-85 to better coordinate people, policies and practice in ending educational inequity; and
  • Revive legislative and community efforts to engage in meaningful conversations about Connecticut’s persistent and deep educational opportunity gaps.

Build an educator workforce that reflects the diversity of Connecticut’s student population

  • Develop video-based implicit bias training for district hiring offices;
  • Ensure Connecticut is tracking and publicly reporting progress towards yearly minority teacher recruitment targets;
  • Support cities and towns to develop home-grown talent more effectively; and
  • Update and streamline regulations to better support high-quality teachers and administrators of color entering and seeking to stay in the profession.

Integrate independent parent voice in school accountability efforts

  • Enable parents and state experts to lead boldly in turnaround efforts to support our lowest performing schools; and
  • Offer best practices for effective accountability systems from across the country and determine what policies would benefit Connecticut schools.

Develop mechanisms for greater equity, inclusivity and transparency in school funding

  • Integrate all public schools into a unified, equity-based funding system;
  • Streamline paths to funding for the schools of choice that receive SDE approval; and
  • Protect enrollment projections for existing schools (formerly known as “grade growth”).


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