We Can Close Connecticut’s Achievement Gap by 2020

Make no mistake—closing the gap by 2020 will require a tremendous amount of hard work every day and every year. It is one thing to improve the outcomes for 2 percent of our students in one year; building on that growth for eight consecutive years will require a real departure from the status quo. It will require bold and systemic change. And it will take a shared commitment to making reform work. Denying our path forward will not be comfortable or easy, but a challenge like this always seems impossible—until it’s done.

We offer The Roadmap as a call to action and a beacon of hope. The Roadmap shows what real progress to close the achievement gap could look like, and demonstrates that such progress is both possible and achievable. The paths pursued by each school and district may differ, but all lead to the same goal: providing an excellent public education for all students. The Roadmap alone won’t take us all the way to where public education in Connecticut needs to be, but it provides us with an important and clear starting point. Let’s get to work.

Publish date: October 2012 Number of pages: 86