A Look “Under the Hood” of Teacher Evaluation in 10 Sites

This national award-winning report, done jointly with 50CAN and Public Impact, looked “under the hood” at the key components of effective educator evaluation systems in 10 states or school districts across the country: Delaware; Rhode Island; Tennessee; Hillsborough County, Florida; Houston, Texas; New Haven, Connecticut; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Washington, DC; Achievement First (a charter management organization, or CMO); and the Relay Graduate School of Education in New York City.

This report consists of four components:

  1. A brief which provides an overview of the report and background on the topics addressed in the other documents, including key questions, implementation options and trade-offs, and key terms;
  2. A cross-site analysis that looks across all 10 sites and summarizes key components of their evaluation systems;
  3. 10 detailed profiles of the teacher evaluation systems at our featured sites; and
  4. A library of documents that are the building blocks of the 10 systems.

Funding for this paper was provided by H. A. Vance Foundation.

Number of pages: 121