This report examines the claim made by some members of the Bridgeport Board of Education that opening new public charter schools in Bridgeport would drain financial resources from the district’s education budget. By analyzing the fiscal, legal, and performance data on Bridgeport and state funding, we find these claims to be false.

Data show that over the next two years, the total increase in additional state per pupil aid for charter schools to educate students in Bridgeport is $45 million, plus Bridgeport’s school district will continue to receive approximately $33 million in funding for city students that attend charter schools. These findings suggest that not only can charter schools can provide a high-quality education to the Bridgeport students who need it most, but also that these schools can save the school district millions of dollars that could be used to further improve educational results for children.

Publish date: June 2014 Number of pages: 7