ConnCAN has always been there.

The 2022 legislative session is scheduled to convene on February 9th and adjourn on May 4th

I worked for nearly a decade in the halls of the Capitol, advocating for policy change that would empower communities by celebrating diversity, winning true equity for kids in every zip code and changing school policy so it works better for students.

I could count on seeing ConnCAN when I looked around. I could count on ConnCAN’s research for a reliable sense of our state of education. I could count on ConnCAN to be a partner as I pushed to ensure that every child has access to diverse role models in their educational journey.

This organization has and will continue to push Connecticut forward, and shape education policy.

Now I’m proud to continue our combined efforts for educational equity, not only side-by-side but as the organization’s new executive director.

We have so much work to do. And we can start right now, on National Voter Registration Day, by making sure we’re reading to cast our ballots on Nov. 6!

Click here to register to vote, learn about your candidates and more!

Before you or I can get out the vote for Connecticut’s next governor, we have to get out the voice: speak up about successes and challenges, and let our candidates know that education, as the foundation for the future, should be a leading priority.

It’s an exciting time to be leading ConnCAN. As a longtime advocate for social change, I know that we’ve reached a pivotal moment for equity: in our world, our country and our state. I know too that education is the beginning of equity and lasting change—elemental in our society, and touching every part of our lives.

Education should be an equalizer. It shouldn’t require privilege and special circumstances for a family to access the best schools for their kids. It shouldn’t require a particular zip code, income or race, first language or home country.

Education should empower and prepare all of our children for what’s ahead. It is their future that is at stake and sooner than you know, they’ll be the ones running our state.

Make sure you’re ready to vote on November 6!

Do you believe in the power of public schools? I do. That’s why I’ll be visiting the polls next month to make sure I get a say in this important election.

You can read more about my personal connection to public education (and why I aspire to be like Serena Williams) here.

ConnCAN’s always been there. Wherever we go from here, let’s go together.


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